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Job posting is easy as 1-2-3

MENAJOBS technology analyzes the position need and then evaluates your capabilities in order to match you to the job that best fits your skills. Only the most appropriate matches are shown to the candidate.

MENAJOBS reads between the lines.

MENAJOBS keeps things simple and will only show relevant matches and opportunities.
This way, rather than spending countless hours looking through resumes you can focus on the important things.


Simply create an account and start placing a job by simply uploading job descriptions, in word, pdf, txt ... (nearly) anything goes.


MENAJOBS technology analyzes the position needs and then evaluates all candidates to find the very best that best fits the job. Only the most appropriate matches are shown to you.


You get a shortlist of perfectly matching candidates including their resumes, work DNA and other relevant information. Contact them directly from the platform and connect with the best for your job needs!

Recruiter platform

Post jobs in just minutes thanks to our easy and fast job platform.
Edit, renew and post as much as you like.
The more detailed your job posting is, the better the match.

  • Secure and private web based tool
  • Easy and flexible job posting in any format
  • Unlimited job postings and candidate matches
  • Screen and contact candidates directly
  • Access to thousands of resumes
  • Only relevant matches thanks to our unique semantic analytics software
  • Very budget friendly